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For decades Shisham Stanley Group has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of push pull panel braces and tilt panel props with the Trade Mark 847603 to the Australian market. Australian Standard AS3850-2015 (Prefabricated Concrete Elements)has introduced important changes to the brace test method and test result evaluation. Following the release of AS3850-2015 Shisham Stanley Group carried out extensive testing of the entire push pull brace range. The tests were conducted in compliance with the detailed test procedure and statistical test result evaluation specified by AS3850-2015. The working load limit (WLL) values presented in the table below fully comply with the AS3850-2015 test requirements. To see our brace hire range click here.

Shisham brace.png
Tested and Rated to Australian Standard AS 3850 – 2015

For more detail on the Shisham knee brace system click here

For any designed brace angle the fixing anchor capacity at the both ends should be verified. In case braces are loaded in tension the fixing  anchor capacity is likely to be governing the overall bracing system capacity. For extra high tensile loads use Shisham dual foot which is designed to accommodate two fixing anchors. The maximum WLL value of 35kN for the panel brace range is determined by the ply bearing capacity at the shear pin connection. In case of tensile loading WLL = 35kN applies to all the extension lengths. Micro Mini and Supa Mini braces can be rated to WLL of more than 35kN (up to 70kN) depending on the load case and type of foot/fixing used. Check the individual brace brochures or inquire with our team.

Extra Heavy Duty – Hercules Range

Hercules brace range maximum WLL value of 100 kN is a capped off value determined by the capacity of the brace connection bolts.
24mm brace anchor bolts must be used for Hercules Range

Masonry Braces

To see detailed work load limits table click here

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