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Engineering Service
Precast Panel Erection Engineering Service

At Shisham Stanley Group we offer a comprehensive precast panel erection engineering service including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Precast panel temporary wind brace design and certification in compliance with AS3850-2015, National Code of Practice for Precast, Tilt-Up and Concrete Elements and Worksafe Victoria Industry Standard. The design includes brace plans with detailed sections and views, fixing anchor details and locations, brace footing design (where required). We also provide a design table with all the relevant details, brace take-off, comments and notes. A certificate of compliance is issued at your request.

  • Panel erection sequence optimized for safety and erection speed.

  • Coordination with all the relevant parties involved in the process: construction company, project consultant, panel shop detailer, crane crew and panel manufacturer (precaster).

  • Precast panel lifting certifications.

  • Review of the IFA panel shop drawings and plans to ensure that brace insert and panel connection details suit the planned erection method and site conditions.

  • Design and certification of temporary braces and restraints required for backfill pressures or other construction loads.

  • Design and certification of any propping, connections, supports or restraints required for panel erection other than braces. The design is followed up by take-off, shop detailing and a quick turnaround fabrica tion and on-site delivery.

  • Bill of quantities for braces and other items required for temporary works which will help you estimate the costs of temporary works early on in the project.

  • Brace removal certifications.

  • Back-propping designs for any additional loads on concrete slabs.

  • Site visits and inspections in the Melbourne area. Site visits are often vital in resolution of certain problems or elimination of potential issues in the panel erection process.

  • Technical support for all your queries.

Precast erection engineering design helps improving safety and efficiency on site, avoiding potential risks and unnecessary costly delays. It ensures compliance with the requirements by the industry legislation and Worksafe. With Shisham providing design, fabrication and on-time supply you will improve the chances of completing your project as scheduled.

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