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Grout & Concrete Repair

Aftek Construction Products is a market leading brand from ITLS-TWA, a subsidiary of NANPAO, one of biggest chemical groups in Asia Pacific, a well-experienced company with specialized industry expertise. 

Nan Pao chemical company has plant locations in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand and Australia. RLA Group consists of many brand names the industry trusts and relies on for quality products, including Aftek Construction Products.

Aftek provides a complete range of construction repair materials for the building and civil engineering sector, with almost all products manufactured here in Australia.

Their polymer modified high build repair mortars, fairing coats and concrete levelling systems are used extensively by concrete repair contractors throughout the Australia for repairs to spalled concrete, concrete floor repair, driveway repair to general concrete patch repairs.

Their bonding agent is a versatile high grade PVA emulsion used for a wide range of applications in general construction. For use as an admixture to improve adhesive and cohesive properties for site mixed mortars, renders and toppings.  

Their repair mortar is a fine filled, polymer modified, cementitious mortar, specifically formulated to provide cover for joiner plates in tilt slab or pre-cast construction.

Please click on the links below for data sheets of some of the main products that we distribute.

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